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CA Design, known as Cape Ann Enterprises, with offices in Tuzla, Gracanica, and Zenica, is a high-quality software development company. We partner with our US clients to design, develop and support technology solutions to solve their business needs.We pride ourselves on being recognized as a great employer and a great place to work thanks to our supportive work environment and career development opportunities. One of Cape Ann’s key expectations for all of our employees is that we help our fellow workers to overcome challenges and barriers. We work hard to maintain a collegial workplace.

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Please complete the following set of 6 tests listed below:

101 – PHP
102 – PHP & MySQL

201 – HTML & CSS

401 – JavaScript

601 – MySQL

701 – Java

Feel free to take other available tests if you feel like doing so as many times as you like.

Please use the same name and e-mail address for each one of them. We will keep your results on record and contact you when we match your skills with our engineering demand.